Claire’s Compass

compass is an instrument used for navigation and orientation that shows direction relative to the geographic cardinal directions, used usually when one is on an adventure.

Welcome to ‘Claire’s Compass’.  Please pour yourself a drink, grab a handful of peanuts (or whatever takes your fancy) and sink into a comfortable chair, while I indulge you in a little of what Claire’s Compass is all about.  Primarily, it is a creative storyboard of all the things I love in life.  Firstly and foremost, my family, the places we have visited, the shows we have seen, the restaurants we have experienced and all other great travelling adventures we’ve been on, just as I promised we would.  Secondly, there will be reviews on books I’ve read along the way and through my love of Literature, my aim is to painstakingly blog and story tell my way through the next five years of an English Literature degree.  Practising story structure, texture and rhythm and hopefully enriching your experience of travel and reading.

Essentially, I can see Claire’s Compass as a hub for learners, creative thinkers, readers, writers, dreamers, travellers, foodies and storytellers, of all ages.  Storytelling is the one thing that connects us all.  We do it every day, largely without even realising we are doing it.  Since humans first walked the earth we have told stories.  Through cave drawings, over campfires, through music and drama, in pubs and in hairdressers – in this new age, we get to do it through cyberspace!  Myths and legends, ancient and modern, stories have shaped our existence from the beginning of time, justified our lives, confused us, terrified us, made us laugh aloud, made us cry and shown us love.

Let me start by telling you a little about the writer behind the blog.  I am a writer… in training at least.  I live in a beautiful, often pungent place, with mystical scenery, which my brother-in-law cannot pronounce and which has now become known as ‘Gruffalo Gruffalo’.  I adore animals, owning a loyal canine, called ‘Red’ because he’s red.   I have travelled the world alone and in the best company possible.  I’ve gone off the rails like any other and clambered back on the rails more determined than ever.  I’ve apparently done a lot of things backwards, which brings me to think the original order of life could be slightly askew.  My greatest pleasure is learning new things and doing what people say I cannot do.  My imagination is broad and my mind is sharp.  My heart is utterly full and taken for reasons my tongue could never explain.  I have relished in words, storytelling and theatre since my eyes first opened.  I hope now you will relish with me in what I hope will be a fantastical and creative journey for us all.

© Claire Kinton 2020